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Aik Makalma - A Seminar on Ibne Safi

01 March 2016

By Arts Council of Pakistan - Karachi

Arts Council of Pakistan in association with Ali & Associates, arranged a seminar on the legendary writer Ibne Safi. Ms. Shehla Raza, Deputy Speaker of Sind Assembly attended the event as the chief guest and prominent writer Shakeel Adilzada presided the program. Dr. Ahmad Safi was invited as an honorary chief guest. Other prominent guests and speakers included, Karimullah Adeni, Prof. Sehar Ansar, H. Iqbal, Riaz Sherazi, Hasan Zaheer and Mohammad Mohsin.

Mr. Karimullah Adeni stressed on the enforcement of Intellectual Property rights in Pakistan. He emphasized on the importance of copyright protection taking into account the work of Ibn-e-Safi.