Our History

Our History

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Chinese Proverb

  1. Mr. Talib Ali Shah (Late) alongwith Mrs. Q. A. Adeni and Mr. Syed Auqil Ali Shah laid the foundation Ali & Associates as Trademark law Firm.

  2. The Firm, still relatively small though, acquired another Patent Law Firm to strengthen its service.

  3. The Firm acquired IP SERVICES, a reputable company specializes in Intellectual Property Searches.

  4. The Firm acquired CHECKERS, a company specializes in Brand Protection, Anti-Counterfeiting Investigation and Raids, Back-ground checks and Due-diligence.

  5. The Firm acquired Impact International, a Corporate Risk Management & Investigation Services providers in order to expand its services world-wide.

  6. The Firm acquired notable Intellectual Property Litigation Law firm.

  7. The Firm opens its first branch office at LAHORE – PAKISTAN.

  8. The Firm opens its second branch office at KABUL – AFGHANISTAN.

  9. The Firm opens its first corresponding office at VIRGINIA – USA.

  10. The Firm opens its second corresponding office at DUBAI – UAE.

  11. Firm acquired SALOOSH IP, a notable Intellectual Property Law Firm.

  12. Becomes a full service law firm.

Mr. Talib Ali Shah (late)

Mr. Talib Ali Shah (Late)
Founder - Ali & Associates

Ali & Associates has been at the forefront of intellectual property law for 50 years but its history doesn’t begin there. The story of Ali & Associates is the story of hard work and dedication spanning over 70 years. The firm was founded by Mr. Talib Ali Shah (late), the scion of an illustrious family with well established legal and political roots.

Mr. Ali is recognized as one of the original leading lights in the area of intellectual property law and worked as an officer at the Trademarks Registry of Bombay, India before he was requested by the government newly formed Pakistan to emigrate and establish a Trademarks Registry in the new country. In his various capacities at the Trademarks Registry, Government of Pakistan Mr. Ali played an instrumental role in laying down the foundations of IP law.