Press Room

Seminar on 'Digital Creativity - Culture Reimagined' organized by IPO Lahore

26 April 2016

By Ali & Associates Lahore Office

On April 26, 2016, Intellectual Property Regional Office (IPO) Lahore celebrated “World Intellectual Property Day” by organizing an event of talks and speeches on DIGITAL CREATIVITY- CULTURE REIMAGINED. The event was attended by distinguished guests Amjad Islam Amjad (Renowned Writer/ Poet), Ustaad Hamid Ali Khan (Classical Singer), Bahar Begum (Film Actress), Syed Noor (Film director) and leading legal professionals.

The Ali & Associates team was requested to speak on the topic of intellectual property rights and social media. In doing so, they stressed the significance of recognising and comprehending the norms, values, and rules of the digital world, as well as how they are evolving over time. Specifically, the digital era has brought about profound shifts in the processes of content production, consumption, and dissemination.

Through the use of international examples and comparisons, they educated the audience on the various forms of content that can be produced in social media, the intellectual property (IP) rights issues that arise from this, and the need to strengthen enforcement.