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World IP Day Celebrations and Seminar organized by Ali & Associates

27 April 2022


KARACHI: Ali & Associates, the leading Intellectual Property Law firm organized World Intellectual Property Day celebrations and a seminar at its in Head Office in Karachi. The seminar encouraged young innovators and entrepreneurs to realize their utmost potential and ambitions of being innovative to create a better future for society, community and industry.

As per the theme of World IP Day 2022, “IP and Youth innovating for a Better Future”, the event was attended by young entrepreneurs, start-up aspirants, young professionals and university students, to gauge awareness regarding the Intellectual Property laws. 

To further encourage the young innovators to pursue their creative ambitions and aspirations, Ali & Associates provided free counselling session on how to get ideas and innovations protected under Intellectual Property (IP) Laws and learn from the leading Intellectual Property Law practitioners.

Joining from London, via video conference, the Managing Partner, Ali & Associates, Karimullah Adeni, said, “Intellectuals are the fuel of society’s progress, and we must enable an environment where their talents are utilized and ideas and efforts protected. Let’s respect and revere the young intellectuals who are holding the key to our future.”

On the occasion, senior Intellectual Property Lawyer and Partner at Ali & Associates, Ali Kabir Shah expressed his thoughts regarding the youth of the nation, “Pakistan is facing numerous challenges on economic and social front, however the most pressing issue is a growing, young population that deserves a better future. We firmly believe it is our duty to encourage and promote the young and aspiring innovators and urge businesses, institutions and individuals from all walks of life to focus energies on nurturing creativity and innovation to pave the way for a better future.”