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I M Karachi Dialogue

27 October 2016

By Zia uddin University, Clifton

Team Ali & Associates attend I AM KARACHI dialogue session at Zia uddin University

KARACHI, Pakistan: A dialogue session was organized by I AM KARACHI at Zia uddin University, Clifton on “Me, Myself and Karachi” to discuss as how one could improve the city on a personal level. The event was largely attended by students of various institutions, members from civil society and media.

The topic was ME, myself & Karachi.

The Panelists of this occasion were:
- Mr. Jameel Yousuf – President of the Society for I Am Karachi
- Ms. Sameera Raja - Owner of Canvas Gallery
- Mr. Faizan - CEO of Health TV
- Ms. Saboohi Irtiza – Educationist/City School